MicroMillions starts at Stars with $5 Million up for Grabs

Stars Ready to Smash MicroMillions 5 Million Mark

Incredibly, and only half way through it appears that the $5 million that was guaranteed for MicroMillions III will be smashed, as at the time of writing the prize pool stands at a stunning $3.5 million mark. This is a fantastic tournament series involving every type of poker variation stars offer and players are flocking to get involved, and no wonder as this series is at aimed at low stakes grinders, but that low buy-in can turn into a huge win. Last years main event winner SoyDelGlobo turned a $22 buy into an awesome $157,218.68. Not bad at all, in fact it's better than a 700% return on investment. The last event of this series is the $22 buy in, NL Holdem $1,000,000 guaranteed and it's taking place on the last day of the series, 25th November. All players start with 10,000 in chips and the blinds for the first 10 minutes are a whopping 500 meaning that to do well in this one, you are going to have to play in a way that protects your blinds and therefore your stack. There's still time to get in on this event and for $22 the main event is worth a shot for that sort of huge GTD.