Bitcoins in Online Gambling

We've all by now probably heard of Bitcoin. The world's largest alternative currency is constantly making headlines and not always for the best reasons. The constant large fluctuations in value against the USD and the fact that only 1,000 merchants worldwide accept the currency mean that it's reach is still somewhat hampered, and this extends into the world of online gambling. It's yet to take off and while a small number of new casinos and poker rooms accept the currency it has in the main caused not even a ripple of interest with larger operators as of yet. However, things tend to happen very quickly where Bitcoin is concerned and it wouldn't surprise me if by the time you've finished reading this that the whole landscape had changed! But let's stick to the present. With $1 billion worth of Bitcoin in virtual existence and only a small number of merchants it appears that for the time being they are simply being exchanged between users and for all intents and purposes they are a way off becoming mainstream. How many of you reading this even know how to get hold of them, let alone where to spend them! As of yet, here at Sunshine Poker Rooms we are not promoting a room that accepts them, that of course may change, but not until the room in question has proven without doubt that they are safe and secure, and that is a worry, not for the rooms but for Bitcoin users and the currency itself.

Poker Rooms and Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoins

There are a few online gambling establishments that have embraced the currency. BitBook is an online sportsbook based in Australia focusing on Aussie and US sports, however like all places that accept Bitcoin they are new to the market and there is little info regarding them. BitZino is an online casino that was created last year and offers the usual table games and online slots, and WinPoker is, as the name suggests, an Online Poker room that also offers a casino. Of course they all accept other forms of payment, it would be a little silly not to and it would be interesting to see what sort of percentage (if any) Bitcoins make up of those deposits. For now at least, I think it makes sense to stick with what you know and understand. Maybe Bitcoin is the future, we can't predict that but as it stands, it's all about the Benjamin's.