Cake Poker Launches 30K Gold Card Race

Cake Poker kick off the summer with the $30,000 Gold Card Race, which means that by playing at Cake, points mean prizes and the more points you can claim the bigger the cash prize gets. It's a monthly race as you attempt to reach the top of the leaderboard....or at least the top 20, as that's where the cash is to be found. This is how it playing cash ring games all the way through until may 7th you will earn Gold Cards that have a 'mile' value which is based on the stake of the table being played, the suit of the Gold Card and it's number. Your job is collect enough cards so that you climb up the leaderboard and land in the top 20 meaning that you can claim up to $500 cash. Remember that it doesn't matter what stake you are playing at you will still earn cards, but the higher the stake the more valuable is the card. Cards are given out randomly when a table reaches a pre-set rake amount and they will be handed out more frequently at higher stakes tables. However, there is more to this promo.....

No Strings Satellites to the WSOP

There's also what they are calling a no strings attached satellite series to the World Series of Poker 2013 in which players can get a slice of $5,000 to play in their choice of side event, or put the cash towards a seat for the main event. There's another twist to this too in that players do not have to go to Vegas, they can choose to spend the cash at the WSOP Europe in's totally your call. If you haven't signed up to Cake Poker but like what you see then do so now and take advantage of the sweet 200% welcome bonus up to $2,000. There's also plenty of other delicious promotions running right now and throughout the summer.