Full Tilt Roll Out 'New to the Game Tables'

Full Tilt Poker have launched what they are calling, 'New to the Game' tables. It's similar to player segregation that's being offered elsewhere but with a bit if a difference. The launch of the tables were rolled out with two other upgrades, however this is by far the most significant. Player segregation has left a lot of players and observers a little disappointed lately and while all sites state that it is for the good of the networks poker ecology, is separating players of a different skill level correct? That's for a continued debate, and there are plenty of issues around the subject to discuss. Lock Poker for example have removed all $1/$2 cash games from all skins on the Revolution Network with that level being exclusive and only available at Lock. Party Poker only admitted in segregating new players from 'winning' players when it got caught out by players who made it public.

Full Tilt however are going about things in a very different way and it is no way as harsh as many other sites. First off the 'New to the Game' tables are completely optional, no new player will be forced to play at them and even bigger players are allowed on them and the change occurs when players have played in 2,000 cash game hands or entered 75 tournaments at the new to the game tables. After a player has done one or the other they will not be able to return to the tables and I suppose the best way of putting this is that, they are not new to the game anymore. They must then play at regular tables. There are still several things that could possibly change in the future in that should a player play 2,000 hands of Texas Holdem, they are still allowed at the new to the game Omaha tables etc and after a while this could be changed, or maybe not. Gameplay on the new tables is much slower, which in itself would probably deter a lot of bigger players as new tables offer much more time to act. Players can also have just the 2 tables open at the same time, again not ideal for bigger players and there's plenty to tips etc such as hand strength. Tilt have gone about things in a different and in many players opinions, a much better way as the tables are fully optional and once you are 'experienced' they'll be off limits to you....seems fair.