Real Money Poker at Full Flush Poker on November 8th

A statement from Full Flush Poker on its website reads that, "We are officially opening our cashier and ring games on November 8th, there will be a full tourney and sit n go schedule!" This is great news for US online poker players giving them another option when taking to the felt, and with real money freerolls having been run each weekend for over a month now at Full Flush, the time has come to up things a little. Full Flush Poker sits on the new Equity Poker Network which is creating plenty of interest with it's co-operative approach that creates a level playing field with, "low fixed fees and redistribution of network profits."

IntegerPoker and the VariBack Model

There is another skin on the Equity Poker Network also due to launch, that of IntegerPoker. Interger is offering something that we've not seen before and will excite many players in its VariBack program. VariBack is a cashback system that has been designed for players who regularly find themselves just missing the money and is an extension of those money seats. Players who finish in what IntegerPoker are calling the VariZone will get around 50% of their buy-in back which while not giving players a profit is a little something and can take the sting out of a run of near misses. IntegerPoker explains it like this...should a tourney sit 100 players with 20 players getting paid, then the VariZone would cover places 21-32 thus extending the paid seats. Players who wish to take advantage of the VariBack program will have to opt in to it, and will see a slight difference in the rewards they receive via the VIP loyalty program. The way I see it is that it's like getting your VIP rewards on the go...which isn't a bad thing at all.

The Equity Poker Network is promising skins freedom in how they acquire players and flexibility in how they keep them too, with operators being able to choose if they want to offer rakeback and run different promotions and bonuses. All sounds very interesting and we look forward to see how all of this pans out.