Lock Poker Leaves Revolution Network, Now Stands Alone

It’s been a turbulent time at Lock Poker of late, and to add to it all Lock left players were left with no notice that Lock had launched a proprietary site and is now stand alone. There’s a little bit of disagreement as to why the move has come about with Lock Poker stating that they had made the move due to “numerous and ongoing breaches of contract by the current network operator” and Revolution saying that.. “Due to Lock’s ongoing financial issues, the poker service to Lock was terminated. We apologize for the inconvenience. Pure Poker is offering you a chance to redeem your Lock player balance immediately. Sign up with your Lock player email here. Go here to learn how to redeem your balance and create a ticket for more details.” This message was seen by Lock players on launching the client and the new Lock Website states Lock Poker 2.0 A new Beginning. It’s all a little confusing in all honesty.

Things Just Get Stranger

The question now seem to be who are Pure Poker, and many players on popular forums are asking just that. It appears that Pure Poker have been in business for some time, 14 years in total and that they are a Revolution Network skin. Back in 2005 Pure Poker itself got into a mess in a deal with Futurebet and is mentioned as a company in which players lost plenty of money. Pure Poker back then said that those funds were taken by Futurebet with the upshot of that being some players got paid, some settled for less and took that, but the whole affair left a bad taste. Lock Poker has yet to comment on any of the goings on.