Happy Hour Returns to Lock Poker

A while back Lock Poker ran a promo called "Happy Hour" and it proved to be such a winner with all players that they have decided to welcome it back, with CEO Jennifer Larson declaring that it is a massive success. It's a simple promo and you just have to play at the right time to double up on your points. All players when on the real money tables between 2 pm and 6 pm GMT, that's 9 am to 1 pm EST on either a Monday, Wednesday or Friday get to watch as their points go through the roof. It's a simple yet effective promo bringing more players in during the daytime helping everyone find the right game for them. There's also talk of a few other old favorites returning to Lock in the coming months such as the Lock Online Poker Series, though nothing has yet been confirmed.

The Big Chase

During December and January Lock are tracking all players' MGR points that will determine your position and whether you will qualify for one of the 52,000 cash prizes up for grabs. Double your points by playing at the "Double Agent" tables to help you get your share of the $1.5 Million on offer. If you are not a player at Lock then sign up and deposit now to take advantage of their limited huge bonus offer of 200% up to $4,000!