Infiniti Poker Live next Month With Bitcoins

Ignition Casino

There's soon to be a new kid on the block as far as online poker in the US is concerned. Infiniti Poker started beta testing back in November and looks set to go live next month. It will be the first online poker room to be accepting Bitcoins the much talked about new online currency, as well as other payment methods. Infiniti have partnered with a leading Bitcoin wallet to create a user friendly and very quick payment method. Founder and CEO Michael Hajduk believes that Bitcoin will prove to be a very popular safe and quick payment option for many US players. He says, "Because we're using Bitcoin, we're not using U.S. banks, it's all peer-to-peer, I don't believe we'll be doing anything wrong."This statement of course comes from being questioned about the legality of Bitcoin. There is little to no regulation regarding the new currency and only a small amount of clients details are required for it to be used, however Hadjuk is correct in the fact that no US banks are being used when making Bitcoin transactions. About the safety of Bitcoin he goes on to say that, "In the worst case scenario, if (the DOJ) seize our domain name your Bitcoin will be safe because there's no central authority controlling the currency and thus it cannot be frozen by any third party." Bitcoin is a long way off from being mainstream however it is gaining momentum and can now be purchased for cash at some 700,000 locations in the US. Some of those locations are household names, including participating Walmarts and 7-Eleven stores. It will be interesting to see hopw far Bitcoins can go and whilst this happens new players at Infiniti Poker can still use more traditional payment methods.

Right now Americas Cardroom accepts Bitcoins and is the first major US online poker room to do so. Players depositing by this method will have their Bitcoins converted into USD for play at the tables.