Microsoft to Launch New Xbox Poker Game

More Details on Microsoft and Caesars Palace Xbox Game

A few months ago we bought you news of the new Microsoft Xbox game Full House Pro. The game, created with WSOP branding is due for release this spring and we have a few more details to share. The game designers have really tried to give it a WSOP live event feel and it features voice overs and commentary from the well know Lon McEachern and Norman Chad. Seth Palansky in a recent press release stated that the new game is, "True to the WSOP brand, giving players the authenticity of a live WSOP event." Well, without wanting to sound like a party pooper, I personally feel that having a few million in chips on the table and playing against some of the best players in the world, is a little different to playing for free cash, but that's not the point of this game. We can't all go toe to toe with the best and to be fair at first glance the game looks pretty good. It has more than a few nice features and some great visuals to boot. The WSOP hopes that the game takes poker to a different audience whilst at the same time creating more brand awareness, and this it will indeed do. Full House Pro won't make the transition into the real money market and Palansky added, "This is strictly a play for fun game under the Freemium model widely used today, the more people who are exposed to poker and learn and enjoy the game of poker are more likely to watch our television programming, follow our sport, we always believe it is important to reach as many touch points as we can. This game will be global and with Microsoft as the owner and operator of the platform, we feel they will be able to expose this game to a lot of new eyeballs who haven't played poker before." It may be play money but there are still things to play for other than free chips in the game. As you improve your game you get to unlock new casinos and tournaments, new play modes and the chance to upgrade your avatar etc. It's a lot of fun and as Mr Palansky says, it will open the game of poker up to a new audience and that's never a bad thing.