Zynga Launch Real Money Poker

After so much talk, we heard and actually saw the Zynga real money sites back in December when the websites became public. Now the final step has been taken and Zynga real money poker is now up and running! Long gone are the days of the Texas Holdem Facebook game (materialistically speaking) and they now join the real money arena. It has huge potential but with that comes huge challenges and plenty of competition in making a foothold in the real money game. The plans are that Zynga will also move into other regulated European markets and also has one eye on the emerging legalized US market. The question is, can it turn it's experience in managing and owning the biggest free money poker site into a real money profit, only time will tell on that one. However what we do know is that ZyngaPlusPoker.com is alive and running and there is talk of the play money Zynga site becoming a skin on the Party Gaming network. Another fact is that Zynga's share price saw a decent rise on the back of the news.

Share Price on the Up

Shares in the company rose significantly with the launch of the real money site, by a total of 12.4% in fact with a high of $3.49. The plans to expand may keep that price on the up too and Chief Revenue Officer Barry Cottle said, "Our long term vision is to offer our players the next generation of real money games on multiple platforms in regulated markets worldwide." Many analysts believe that there will be little immediate impact to Zynga's profits, however with a long term picture that includes the US then who knows. The real test for Zynga will be converting their millions of fun money players into real money poker and casino players, should they succeed in doing that, then we have a real big player in the marketplace.