Regulated US Poker Sites Hit Springtime Downturn

As spring kicks in it’s normal that numbers of players on all online poker sites drop a little as casual and recreational players drop off the radar a little, and that’s exactly what’s happened in all states involved in regulated poker. The same happens in the larger offshore regulated rooms such as Bovada too, however with much larger player pools, those people that play during the warmer months hardly notice the difference in player numbers. With all due respect to online poker in Delaware, with such a small amount of players hitting the felt, things won’t change much at all however in the larger states of Nevada and New Jersey it will be interesting to see what happens to player numbers. The heat in Nevada during the summer months and the fact that the WSOP comes to town may even boost numbers and we’ll just have to wait and see just how many ‘out of towners’ sign up and play at the Nevada regulated sites during summer as they visit Vegas for the biggest poker show on earth.

New Jersey will see numbers dip until around mid April and then those numbers could fall quite dramatically as we head into the summer months, however there are other factors in New Jersey that could be pointing to the loss of players. The weather will play a big part however marketing by the larger casinos is on a deliberate slow go until payment processing is running a little smoother, and there is of course that by the summer, the novelty of playing regulated online poker may have worn off on many recreational players, and getting them back on board come fall, may be a tricky task. It’s the first summer of regulated US online poker and players that may not be aware of seasonality issues, and seeing numbers drop, could be put off by the drop in action, especially sit n go grinders who aren’t the most patient of poker players. Time will tell and the summer and beyond is looking interesting.