AstroPay Card

AstroCard online payment solutions are based on a virtual prepaid debit card which can be purchased easily online. The AstroPay Card can be used to make payments at hundreds, if not thousands of online websites that are already accepting this innovative and useful new payment method. The versatility of the AstroPay Card system means it can be purchased using several different payment methods including all the major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and Maestro Card, online internet banking, various e-wallets, direct bank transfers and also cash.

In order to start using AstroPay Card at an online casino, the customer first needs to sign up to the service by opening a unique and personal AstroPay account, which can be done with ease on the official AstroPay website. During this straightforward and quick procedure which only take a couple of minutes, customers will be asked to provide some necessary personal information in order to set up the system at the outset. Customers will then be sent a verification email is sent to confirm the process and set it up. The email will need to be responded to in order to verify the provided email address is correct and valid, and really owned by the customer. Once that simple process is complete, players immediately get their AstroPay account activated.

There are several card values online casino players can choose from. They include cards valued at $25, all the way up to $500. Players can purchase up to ten AstroPay Cards, which amounts to a maximum of $5,000. The latter can be arranged by contacting customer support on the AstroPay Card official website. The exact amount a player can purchase also depends on the country and jurisdiction where the player resides. The AstroPay Cards may be obtained using the player’s local currency, and it is then converted into US dollars, which is the primary currency used by AstroPay. Payment processing times for purchasing the AstroPay Cards varies according to the payment method players choose to fund the card. However, the processing time ranges from instantaneous to three days. After the Astropay Card service processes the payment for any card, it will then confirm that payment by sending players a 16 digit card number with the AstroPay virtual prepaid card, along with an accompanying three digit, CVV code, which is also sent to the player/customer by email. Just like with a regular credit or debit card payment these unique card codes are necessary in order to conclude any payments using AstroPay Cards online.

AstroPay Cards are valid for twelve months after the card codes are received by the customer, beyond that they are invalidated. The AstroPay Cards cannot be reloaded with additional funds, once they run out, they are automatically cancelled. Players and customers can then use their AstroPay Card as their preferred payment method at any online casino accepting the method. Once players enter the required personal information and data, pay the stipulated amount of the card and wait for the confirmation email and the emails with the unique access codes necessary in order to use the cards. The data needs to be entered on the stipulated online form on the official AstroPay Card website. Players will then be asked to confirm the payment details once all the codes match and are inputted correctly.

AstroPay will then immediately transfer the cash payment amount into the player’s unique account. Then, they need to deduct the amount paid out from the player’s balance and send another confirmation email that the payment to both the player as well as the online casino to confirm the funds have been transferred correctly. The AstroPay Card can be used partially, so any balance remaining on the card can be used later. Players and users can always check their exact balance by visiting the Astropay Card website and accessing the information using the unique player codes. The card’s transaction history can be reviewed. Once players sign up for the service and buy their first AstroPay Card, all the subsequent online payments using the AstroPay system are 100% secure, entirely reliable, and utterly free of any additional charges. Furthermore, the transactions are carried out instantly and anonymously.

When online casino players start using the Astropay Card at a casino, they will find it is almost identical to depositing using a traditional banking method. Depositing funds with AstroPay Card is done in precisely the same way as a standard payment on the internet. All players will need to do is choose AstroPay as a payment option at an online casino banking page. Then just fill in the amount you want to deposit and filling in the AstroPay Card details in the provided fields. Confirmation is within seconds the deposited funds will be made available on the player’s account immediately. Withdrawing with an AstroPay Card at an online casino is not possible with AstroPay Cards.

There are so many advantages using AstroPay Card, the main one being it is widely recognised and accepted. The service is exceptionally safe and personal, and banking data is kept secure. The player is always shielded from the recipient, which ensures the payment is anonymous and less susceptible to malicious actions by third parties. Additionally, AstroPay Card payments are completed instantaneously. Furthermore, the payments made using AstroPay Cards are all free of charge and of any service fees. AstroPay Cards can also be purchased easily by using any local payment method in the player’s local currency. Last but not least, using an AstroPay Card limits the amount of money you spend and sticks to what you can actually afford. It is a prepaid card; therefore, there is much less risk that you spend more than you can actually afford. Try out AstroPay Card. It is innovative and convenient, plus all the advantages the system offers.