PKR Poker

The PKR Poker Network started up in 2006, wanting to introduce its amazing software that would revolutionize the industry. The network is fully licensed and regulated through the Gambling Control Commission, which is in Alderney in the British Channel Islands. They have always been proud of their software, which is a completely 3D environment. Due to the restrictions and the change in the gambling legislation in 2006, they completely left the US market and have since then been a non-US friendly network. Although they do not accept US players for real money games, people can still join and participate in the fake money side.

PKR Network Software

The PKR Poker Network is very proud of their software, and bases everything around it. They claim to be the pioneers in the area of bringing 3D life to the poker world. Some players may say that the network lacks something here or there, but they all can agree that the software is excellent. The reason behind such praise and glory for their software is thanks to them incorporating aspects beyond merely just gameplay. Along with their 3D table and characters, they also allow the players to fully customize their avatar and their environment. These features has made playing poker a more immersive experience for the players, being able to make something that is unique to them, and not simply picking from a set of predetermined avatars. Seeing that the software is such a hit amongst the members, they created the software so that different users could play on it as well. Players that use a PC or a Mac are able to download and install the software. For those players that are worried about the legitimacy of the software do not need to worry. PKR has its software tested by Gaming Associates, which is an Australian testing company. They get tested on their shuffling algorithm and the random number generator and have met all the requirements.

PKR Poker Network Traffic and Websites

There is a rollercoaster effect when it comes to the traffic that comes and goes through this network. Throughout the day their numbers can dwindle in the hundreds of players, while at peak times they can get as many as 6,000 to 7,000 players. They usually average about 5,800 players per day, which is a very good amount of traffic seeing that the PKR Poker Network only really has two online poker sites; which are actually the same one but different versions, one is international and the other is for French players.

Their official website is PKR, however they also have a site for their French players; PKR FR. The website is versatile, seeing that they have a good amount of international traffic coming through it every day. The website can be seen in various languages, totalling 7 different languages, which are the most commonly used in Europe. The website itself also has tons of content that is there to help the players. As mentioned with the software, each player can create their own character, which can be edited and modified through the website as well. They have many different areas that may interest their members; a help section for the inexperienced, schedules for tournaments, even a community where the players can get together and talk. The website reflects that their software reflects, professional and innovative.

PKR Poker Network Games

They offer three different types of poker games; however within those there are variations that are also available. PKR offers Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo, and 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo. For Hold’em and Omaha, they have all limits on these, while for the rest of the games they have certain limits set for each. Players can get better, while playing the most popular poker games, all while they are immersed in the 3D virtual environment.