Poker Merchandise

Poker, especially Texas Hold'em, has become very popular in the past 10 years. With the help of the internet, poker has been marketed into an internationally played and watched competitive game of skill and luck. The poker boom has created, and opened, markets for companies that produce and sell poker merchandise. Any poker player can now buy the items necessary to have a friendly match with friends or co-workers. The process is quite simple; any player remotely familiar with poker can tell what they would need in order to play. There are also many venues through which the player can find the poker merchandise, whether it is a physical location or online.

Classic Merchandise

The classic merchandise is usually comprised of the basic items that are needed by a person in order to be able to play a full game of poker; in this case Texas Hold'em. The poker products in this category are Deck of Cards and Chips.

Deck of Cards

The deck of cards is just what it means, a full deck of cards. These can be found in almost any location. Players must be sure that they are poker playing cards, as there are different variations of poker and other games that use similar game cards. The deck contains 52 cards with 2 jokers; depending on the type of poker game that is going to be played, the person can either use or discard the jokers; make sure to look for quality too as some are made from a carton/paper type material, while others are made with a plastic/film material, which can last longer after several hands, shuffling, water contact and what-not. The brand of the cards can also make a difference as each has a different quality testing routine, different quality materials and so forwards.

Poker Chips

In order for the player(s) to fully enjoy the poker experience, they need to have chips. Chips usually come in more than one color, most of the time in four different colors so you can distinguish different values. Whether it is just for fun or when real money is being used, the chips are used to determine the bets. Each color is a different money value; it really all depends on the participants preferences. By having these chips, it makes it easier to keep track of the bets and running totals; it also makes the game more competitive. When a player specifically buys Poker chips, they usually come with three extra chips or "buttons". These are usually the Dealer chip, along with the Big and Small Blind buttons. They are used to keep track of who is BB and SB. That said, the quality, material, and brands used are also to be researched and inspected when making your purchase.

Extra Poker Merchandise

Although players can enjoy a good game of poker with just the classic merchandise, there is so much more to offer than that. Everyone wants to feel more like a poker pro or at least have the participating players feel like they are truly in a casino. Extra poker merchandise would include items like Tables, Chairs, Attire, and even custom made items like chips and cards.

Poker Tables

There are special made poker tables that are made to resemble the poker tables that one would find at a casino or at a big poker tournament. A lot of players want to have the table so that it is easier to play poker, which it helps with seating and organization. Some tables are as simple as a plastic cover that goes over another table, as well as folding tables and even professional looking tables that are actual heavy tables. These tables allow the players to rest their drinks, position their cards, and place the chips in an easy and comfortable way. It all depends on how much money and space the player has. The others of course could include all of the above, areas/dents for your chips, felt fabric, etc.


Poker chairs are that little extra that player's that have the tables would want. At first glance they all look like regular chairs, some look like dining room chairs and others like office chairs. However, most of the chairs are designed with how the poker player sits in it while playing. Along with the table, they do not have the arm rests as to not get in their way, but have foot rests so that players can rest them off of the floor. In the end, it all depends on the player's comfort preference.

Poker Attire

The poker attire is for the players that want to go a step beyond, and actually make something more official. For the hosts that want to create a perfect mood for playing poker, the dealer attire. There are countless items that make up a proper dealer. The dealer must always have their vest, do differentiate them from the regular players. Dealers sometimes, but not all the times, have visors, bow ties, and aprons. For the players, there are the hoodies from well-known brands, the head-phones to tune up some music or face-out from the rest of the room, and increasing more and more in popularity, the poker sun glasses, with special lenses and reflectors, allowing you to avoid any annoyance from the light lamps, as well as hiding your eye movements (hints and tells ) from your competitors.

Custom Made

Many players want to have all of the above, but custom made. They want their poker merchandise to be personalized for them. This is why many players buy custom made items such as the cards or chips; they can engrave or print a logo or anything on the back of them. Some players have their tables and chairs custom built in order to fit their particular tastes. These obviously cost a little more, but it is definitely worth it to be able to play poker in the desired environment.