Coin Poker

Looking for a poker room that offers cryptocurrencies so you play your favorite poker games and use blockchain technology? Then you might want to take a look at Coin Poker and get your digital wallet're going to have some fun! This poker room is all about being new, mobile and using the new digital currencies to get you on the tables winning. The poker room was created by poker fans who decided to build a poker site that looks and works and looks great on mobile devices. They are proud to have build a decentralized powered by cryptocurrencies that is leading the way in online gaming.

Coin Poker on Mobile

If you like to play poker on your mobile device, then this brand is for you. It's simple design, fast sign up and cryptocurrency transaction methods really make this a perfect brand for all levels of poker players. At the top of the site, you will see the Coin Poker logo in red and the background of the site is designed in flat black giving it that contemporary sleek look. There are even some graphics moving on the background to give it that fluid look. The navigation at the top starts with About us, Team, FAQ's, Promotions, Mobile, Blog and the download button in red. You can download the iOS app onto your mobile device and get 1,000 CHP for free. There is even a Coin Poker video that explains how they work and what to expect when you play here. If you want to find out more about this company you can download their Whitepaper, Executive Summary and a one pager. What makes this poker room so unique in addition to offering all forms of cryptocurrencies is that they list all the people who work on and operate the site with even real pictures. You can download for iOS or Android so you can choose which is right for you.

Coin Poker Promotions

This poker room has lots of promotional offers for you to choose from. To start they have a 1,000 CHP iOS promotion that you can take advantage of. All you need to do is join after October 28th, 2018 and you are good to go. The poker software looks and works great on both iOS and Android. They also have Short Deck poker which has fewer cards and more action for those quick games that are fun to play and of course to win at. It's also called Six-Plus Hold'em and played in the same format as No-Limit holdem which most poker players are familiar with. There are only 36 cards and the 2's and 5's have been removed. The there is the "To the Moon and Beyond" promotion. This is all about providing multiple tournaments. There are essentially three tournaments an hour at night and five an hour during the daytime. You can see the chart on the right which lists all the current tournaments. All you need to do is choose which tournament you want to play in and hit the tables.

Coin Poker Blog

The blog on this brand is really informative and provides the player with everything they need to know and more. They discuss such things as High Stakes hand analysis, No Mercy Mondays, The last round of hand off winners and the Coin Poker party in Manila. They really provide the poker player with lots of great tips, learning tools and poker ideas that are full of ways to improve your game and make the most of this site.

Coin Poker Customer Service

This site also provides lots of different languages to play with and talk to customer service. You can choose from English, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and more. You can even click on the staff pictures and that will take you to their Linkedin pages so you can find out who they are and connect with them. You can choose from several different cryptocurrencies so no matter what is your preference, they will most likely have the one you like to play with. If you have any questions about the poker room, they are friendly and can help you out with whatever you need. Overall, this is a really refreshing approach to online gaming, poker and it's great to see how far this industry is coming along and making cryptocurrencies and mobile a top priority for the benefit of the ever changing poker player.