The Equity Poker Network

The all new Equity Poker Network has launched with a mission on its mind. That mission is to provide an opportunity to small to medium operators a "fairer future" when it comes to their poker product. Clive Archer is the man behind the new network and he believes that EPN can provide a winning formula saying that, “We’re rewriting the rules to provide small and medium size businesses with an opportunity to offer their players Online Poker without losing their shirts each month to cross cage and sharp players,” followed by, “We understand how valuable player wallets are to operators, and can now offer a solution with our new cooperative poker network where everyone wins.” It is indeed true that all too often smaller skins on a network with newer players can see the cash from their sign ups go straight to the bigger players on more established skins. EPN has already caught the attention with a few significant operators already on board with the idea. The network has huge ambitions and in this extremely competitive area maybe it can be the stand out service, with a huge plus point being that it can offer multiple business models along with what it calls, “Clearing House Functionality” meaning that funds are held, “to cover cross cage liabilities and to ensure players money is always available”.

Less Restrictive and More Competitive

The Equity Poker Network aims to be a little different when it comes to promotions too and will give the operator much more freedom to offer what they really want to offer, whilst offering low fixed fees. The freedom in promotions will hopefully mean that smaller operators get more of a level playing field and cuts out the size advantage. Archer is confident in the new venture, “Equity Poker Network is on track to make many operators leap at the chance to become a part of the cooperative, sick of the month on month costs of having online poker as the black sheep of their product set – now they will have something to really get behind,” he explains. The next few months will be interesting observing the networks progress and who indeed sign's up to not just the network but the idea behind it.