Revolution Network Introduces Fair Play Technology

Earlier this week we reported on how the Revolution Network had separated it's smaller and larger stakes players, and that it would stay that way until further notice. Well it didn't take long for further notice to come. Revolution and of course its flagship skin Lock Poker have introduced Fair Play Technology that places players into three groups that are recreational, normal and advanced. It's thought that each group holds around 33% of players on the network.

What does This Mean for Players?

This feature has been implemented so that recreational players don't end up getting constantly beat by the more experienced player. All skins on the network will be affected by what many think is a change for the better and the three player levels will be seen in the lobby at Lock Poker, Cake Poker and Intertops...the three biggest skins. The filtering means that a hard earned bankroll of a smaller player won't be devoured in a quick few hands by the likes of Annette Obestrad the Lock Poker pro and it makes sense, however the group in the middle, the normal player, will be able to play in both other groups. Also players in recreational and advanced groups will see new types of games as the network will launch beginners tables along with 3 max tables for advanced players. Normal players will have their own beginners tables too and these will be unavailable to recreational players. The built in filters will not allow a recreational player to sit at the advanced tables and blow their bank roll. It all sounds a little confusing when written down like this but once you take a look at how it works it all becomes pretty clear. It's also a good thing for new players too who may be put off from depositing for the fear of being taken out by a bigger player.