Schock Adds Circuit Ring to His WSOP Bracelet

Mitch Schock the professional poker player from North Dakota was already the very proud owner of a World Series of Poker Bracelet. Now by beating a field of 516 players in the $365 No Limit Holdem Re-Entry event at the Lodge Casino in Colorado he adds a WSOP Circuit ring to it. He earned a first place prize of $33,284 on top but it wasn't the money that got Shcock excited saying, Monetarily this victory isn't nearly as big, but the win on the World Series of Poker Circuit is just huge." Continuing with, "The dollar amount isn't the biggest thing, it's the title, the ring, I really wanted to have a World Series bracelet and a World Series ring." Schock won his bracelet just a few years ago in 2011 playing and winning the $2,500 Pot-Limit Holdem/Omaha Event and by beating a field of pretty much the same size that time round he pocketed a cool $310,225. The WSOP event was a tough final table, and the circuit event was pretty much the same.

The Final Day at Colorado

Due to the fact that this event had so many players enter, it came as little surprise that a third day was added. So a return to the felt for the third day was on the cards for Schock who was holding a nice chip lead. He did however still have to tackle two very good players in three time circuit champion Justin Gardenhire and Aaron Gardner. Schock admits to having a few nerves jangling around heading into the final day saying, "It was kind of nerve racking because I was supposed to win, everybody had booked me in for the win. We still had a lot of poker to play. One double up and either of them was right back in the game." It wasn't a long final session for Gardenhire and he had hardly sat down before he had to stand up again and head to the rail, and we were down to just the two. At this stage Schock was holding an 8 to 1 chip lead on Gardener but that was cut down as Gardener doubled up quickly as his 9's beat Schock's 8's putting himself right back in it. Schock was worried for a while but he held out and eventually beat the 21 year old Gardener. Schock is a single father of five and just after winning he said, "I play for my family, poker is very much a job, but a job that i enjoy, it's all about family." The Lodge Casino is hosting a WSOP Circuit event for the first time and it's proving to be a great success. The main event starts soon and we'll have news on that too.