The Poker Entertainment Network

It's the first of its kind and it's launching in December. The Poker Entertainment Network, or PEN is a television channel coming to the homes of the US and Canada that's dedicated to poker with all manner of poker content set to be aired. It will be around the clock poker action and PEN have deals in place with satellite, broadband and cable providers that means non stop poker action directly to your front room. Shows will be aimed at both the recreational and casual players and also at the serious player too. On the schedule you'll of course find the popular tournaments being broadcast and there's plenty of other interesting stuff in there too such as poker themed reality shows, films and documentaries, all of course based on the game you love.

For those aspiring to be pro's PEN will also look at the lifestyle and give insights into many things the casual player may not be aware of and the channel also wants to show exactly why poker is such a popular game along with celebrating the fact that it is. It's all very exciting as there will be pro profiles and bad beats along the way. The channel is of course coinciding with the regulated online poker industry in the states being big news, and maybe that's not such a coincidence, and PEN looks set to deliver all types of material to all types of players that could just give that new industry a big boost. There's another new poker show too, and Poker Night in America is set to make its debut in early 2014, and while lips are sealed about that one at the moment, it promises to bring us a way of looking at poker that has yet to be seen by viewers at home...could be interesting.