Win At Video Poker

Video poker is a lovely game of skill and strategy that is similar to playing poker but instead of playing against other players you play against the computer. When you draw the first set of cards you are dealt a hand of five cards. Take a look at the cards and comparing them to the paytable select the cards you would like to keep and the cards that you do not want by clicking on them or on the hold button below them. Clicking 'deal' or 'play' will throw out the cards that have not been held and deal replacements. This is now your final hand and your payout is calculated based on this.

Strategies for winning

To win at video poker your best strategy is to choose a machine that has better payouts. You can find these by scrutinizing the paytables. Many experts of the game believe that playing lower paying games is a pointless exercise and warn players to steer clear from them. The higher the payouts, the better the odds. The machines that pay the most pay 9 coins for a full house and for a straight it pays 6 coins. This is called a 9/6 machine and is also referred to as a full pay machine.

Video poker is played with a 52 card deck and therefore the longer you play the more you even out your chances of hitting a royal flush which of course is the hand you are going for. So make sure that you have not only the time but also the bankroll to keep at it. The odds of getting a royal flush is 1 in every 40 000. This can be broken down to equate to 100 hours of play.

Payouts are based proportionately on how many coins you have bet. So betting three coins will pay out triple what the same hand on one coin would have paid. The exception is the royal flush which always pays out an additional bonus for betting the max of all five coins. Since the royal flush is the aim of the game it is best to bet max all the way through. The royal flush is your key you gaining the upper hand in this game instead of just breaking even

Paytable give you the odds

Refer to the paytable at all times, each time you hold a card or sacrifice it. If you have a chance at a bigger win rather go for it and let go of the smaller value combination. The pair may guarantee a payout but it certainly won't help you to win at video poker. As a beginner it is wise to play for free to get a feel for the game. Using a strategy card can also help. These cards give you the full list of each and every possible combination. Simply find the hand you have been dealt and follow the instructions regarding which cards to keep and which to let go of.

Strategies that help win

Video poker strategies are very different to poker strategies and so too are the tips that you need to get an upper hand, despite the similarities between the two games. When playing against a human often you may reserve a high card to prevent a draw or even use your bluff. Playing against a computer these very common and usually very effective strategies are completely useless.

So in short, find the best paying machines, study the paytable, look for resources and cheat sheets and then practice, practice and more practice. Video poker has excellent payouts and can be thoroughly enjoyed with the benefits of good payouts.