Does ACH Secur offer Innovative Payment Solutions?

The one and only important question that most people have about payment processors is whether they can get the job done as promised. Considering that most people will use payment processors for things like online gaming, shopping and a number of other things, the perception that the processor needs to work and work well on a consistent basis is an understandable one. However, figuring out whether a processor works well involves breaking it down into different categories and determining how well the processor performs in those categories. This is done below.

Category #1 – Accessibility

Accessibility is perhaps the most important factor governing the performance of a payment processor because it relates directly to whether or not the payment processor is useful. In terms of outward accessibility, ACH Secur is exceptionally good because you can use it with the best online poker and online casino websites and you can also use it with many different online vendors. In terms of inward accessibility, ACH Secur is available to US residents and this in turn makes it exceptionally useful especially in terms of online poker and online casino websites because ACH Secur is one of the few US friendly payment processors as far as those sites are concerned.

Category #2 – Speed

Whenever a person is purchasing something or moving money into an online gaming account, speed is always going to be important. Speed is something that many payment processors have done and ACH Secur is most definitely one of these payment processors. The payments are processed by ACH Secur in real time and will be just as speedy as many of the other payment methods that online poker and online casino websites accept. Ultimately, speed is not an issue for ACH Secur.

Category #3 – Cost

Cost is usually the bane of the new payment processor’s existence because costs can be high at first. However, what people are finding when they use ACH Secur is that pound for pound the costs and fees for using ACH Secur are actually quite competitive with the other payment processors currently available to people. With this in mind, cost is another positive in the corner of ACH Secur.

Category #4 – Reliability

If a website has weak servers that cause it to be down on a regular basis, then the payment processor is not particular reliable and therefore not worth using. With ACH Secur however, there is monitoring and updating of services going on consistently and this in turn has the effect of ensuring that the whole system remains in top gear throughout the whole day. Reliability is something that ACH Secur has in large amount and once again this is something that people really like about it.

Category #5 – Security

While the above things are all very good, they are not really worth much if the whole system is insecure. Security is top notch with ACH Secur however and not only do they have very secure servers to run their processor on, but at the same time they also have monitoring of the system for fraud and abuse around the clock. This is a big positive in their corner and it is something that people tend to like very much about ACH Secur.