Depositing by Jumio

As the age of the mobile device is ushered in, more and more companies across all industries seek to take advantage of the increased portability that's bringing droves of new customers into the fold. The word is out: if you can find the best way to speak to consumers through the mobile medium, then you stand poised to leapfrog the competition.

But with large-scale change, there always comes new problems. As experienced by businesses with a Bring your Own Device (BYOD) policy in the office, security concerns became paramount. This is where the pioneering computer vision technology of Jumio comes in. Leaping ahead of the growing curve, Jumio boasts an impressive set of security management principles for the mobile device world, without compromising revenue. Too many of the current security strictures reduce company profits, and Jumio has sprung up to both create and fill a niche whereby companies that offer payments and ID scanning via mobile applications can do so without fear of compromising customer data.

The Jumio Financial Brain Trust

Backed by none other than Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, who is on Jumio's board of directors, Jumio is capable of monitoring the entire identification verification process as it happens. It does all this without interrupting the transaction process and thereby risk turning the consumer off to the extra layers of security. Credit cards of all kinds are scanned in real-time, and companies in almost 100 countries have found success in the streamlined, but markedly effective, replacement for their former security measures.

On the technical side, Jumio is as secure as they come. The level of PCI compliance is at certified Level 1, which means that all your financial data is backed by regular security audits, constant malware scans, on-site validation and more. Already up-and-running in multiple countries, system redundancy cloud servers ensure there's enough space to meet the transaction needs of your entire business.

Jumio's Netverify Technology

To use Netverify, all that's required is a Smartphone with a camera. This camera will scan the document in question very quickly and record whatever is necessary for verification. A few of the pre-selection criteria are entering country and document info, and then a simple checkmark notifies you when the scanning is complete. On the data management end, Jumio's tech allows you to pre-select how you want the information displayed - client records, identification data, credit card info, etc.

The biggest benefit for eCommerce stores is Netverify Web's ability to streamline the shopping cart experience. Customers will be happy to know that despite the increased speed of the process, their information is no less secure; in fact, moreso with Netverify. As Jumio's suite of offerings quickly becomes the standard in net transaction security, even better amendments are expected.