Delaware Lottery Online by Fall...What Next?

The Delaware Lottery has announced plans to have real money gambling online by no later than this fall. Real money gambling will be in place and ready to go by September should the bill be passed and come into law. The Governor has already stated that should the bill pass the Delaware State Senate then he would sign it into law, meaning that the range of games on offer online in Delaware would be massively increased. The Delaware Lottery would oversee things however several venues may be able to offer online gambling with bricks and mortar casinos taking care of Online Poker, table games and slot machines, while many other locations will offer keno, and bars and even restaurants even being allowed to offer certain types of sports wagering to their customers. Participation in many of the proposed types of gambling may require the purchase of pre-paid debit cards which would then be used to buy chips. The Delaware Lottery has stated that, “All proposed components of the Solution must be delivered, installed, implemented, acceptance tested and ready to be operational by the agreed-upon schedule and game content vendors develop and offer games that are found in a typical casino environment. Support service vendors provide third party expertise required for a robust and secure Internet gaming operation.” This is a huge move meaning that most types of gambling, for real money, would be available in Delaware and it would be leaps and bounds ahead of other states with similar intentions. It appears, on paper at least that this bill is all encompassing with even sports wagering on the agenda.