Full Tilt US Players Still Waiting on Payments

There's a lot of online poker players in the US, around 1.3 Million of them who are still waiting on payment from poker giant Full Tilt. Players funds were blocked after the events of Black Friday and have yet to be paid. Criminal and civil proceedings, pleas, settlements and the likes all culminated in PokerStars making the purchase of Tilt and paying out substantial amounts to non US players and the DoJ. Stars came to the rescue of most non US players some months ago however the DoJ who is holding around $159 Million has yet to appoint a claims administrator and this has been the situation for some time now. In November the DoJ stated that it hoped to be making an announcement in the new year however this has yet to happen. This week when speaking on the issue they merely said that someone would be appointed 'soon'. Full Tilt Poker is well and truly back up and running with players flocking back. After just one day it had reclaimed its spot as world number 2 behind Stars, and players returned to the same great software that they had previously been fans of. It's not just the players either, as some of the worlds biggest pros retook their seats at the high stakes tables. Gus Hansen returned as the Tilt ambassador and on all fronts apart from the US player payments Tilt are doing just fine. In their defense the payment issue is now well and truly out of their hands and is resting firmly on the shoulders of the Department of Justice. Let's hope that an administrator is found soon and payments can be made to all US players.