Heads Up Tables Now at all Stakes Levels at Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom is at it again and now the popular US friendly Online Poker room is offering players of every level the chance to battle it out heads up style. The home of The Beast already has a very impressive array of cash games and now these two seat tables just about round things off nicely....until they think of something else to add. Their players have spoken and ACR have acted and according to their spokesman Michael Harris, "We're excited to deliver exactly what our players have been asking for, we've heard from many players via email and at our land-based events, and today we're delivering heads-up tables for everyone, no matter what their bankroll is like." Heads up tables have traditionally belonged to the high stakes players and it's fairly common to see two pro's trying to batter each others bankroll. ACR however want all players to experience them and it really is a good way to either start or end some online rivalry. You got a player that thinks he's better than you? The best way to sort it out is to grab a heads up table and see who's the better player. Heads up tables can also be used as a great practice ground in learning how to read a player. It's often hard at full ring games or in tournaments when there are a fair few players around, but heads up it's just one on one and allows you to pick up on a players habits.

More Changes at Americas Cardroom

There's another big change regarding ring games too, with the promise of a few more on the way. This time it's limits as ACR have taken feedback from their bigger stakes players and increased the limits on Texas Holdem ring games meaning that you can now find a $25/$50 game. The larger stakes tables are available as regular tables and jackpot tables. The jackpot tables earn you points toward your position on the Beasts leader board. Regular players at Americas Cardroom will be aware of the many land based tourneys that they offer and during these events time is taken to speak with players and ask them how they think ACR could improve. Many players contribute their thoughts at such events as the Punta Cana Classic and the Latin Series of Poker. It's good to see a room that listens to its players and uses that feedback to improve things for everyone.