Iowa Second Attempt at Online Gambling Legalization

Well it didn't happen first time round but it seems there's no stopping Iowa Senator Jeff Danielson. This time around Senator Danielson is supported by Democrat Wally Horn and Republican Randy Feenstra. Earlier this month Danielson spoke to the Des Moines Register newspaper about the benefits of inter-state collaboration and creating large player pools and how that could benefit the state of Iowa. He correctly pointed to the impact the relaxation of the wire act has had, and by joining forces with such states as Nevada and Washington they could build up an online poker network that could rival some of the larger rooms in operation by bringing in enough players to create viable action at all levels. State Senator William Dotzler is also behind the project said "I think the evidence is pretty clear that Iowans are already gambling online. We are losing a lot of revenue here in the state of Iowa, because Iowans are using off-shore Internet gambling accounts." Senator Danielson is now ready to take things one step further by introducing the Iowa Senate Study Bill 1068. A Study Bill is used to gauge opinion on proposed legislature before it is actually put into legislature, it's like testing the water and making sure that it has enough support to be given some serious thought. This proposal however does seem to have support from all angles, with members from all parties believing that it's a good idea, however the real test is whether or not the interested Senators can persuade enough of their peers to give the bill the green light....hence the Study Bill. The new bill talks extensively about the security and technical standards that would have to be in place when conducting internet wagering of any kind. We wish all involved in this bill the best of luck and it's great to see that some states at least are at last realizing the potential of online gambling.