Is Big Fish up for Big Money?

It seems to be a continuing trend at the moment, for casual, or social free games to enter the real money arena. With the first real money Facebook application recently having launched it was pretty clear to all in the industry that the real money poker app would be the catalyst, and start the avalanche of hopefuls getting their foot in the real money door. This is not a bad thing to happen as it offers the customer, or player, more choice in the type of games they can play and with the competition getting stronger all the time, this puts pressure on the developers to create better, faster and more reliable games. The latest company to join in the fun are Big Fish from Seattle. Their real money casino app will not be available in the U.S until the landscape changes and online gaming is regulated, but it will be on offer to UK residents due to the UK being very strictly regulated, and of course legal. However, when the U.S market opens up, and this has already started to happen, this app does put Big Fish a step ahead of the pack, having already launched and, they hope, a proven real money track record.

A Changing Environment

The online gaming environment is always changing and Big Fish with this new casino application are hoping to play a large part in it. You can't blame them for that, it's a lucrative market if you have a quality product to sell. Casual games are one thing, but real money is the key. With the growing mobile gaming market in general the change from social to real money was probably inevitable as many companies start to realise the possibilities of entering legalized areas, in fact Zynga has announced that it plans to enter this area in early 2013. Once the U.S market fully opens up and these real money apps hit the online stores, what will be next for online gaming?

Top Rated Games from Big Fish

  1. Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart
  2. Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix
  3. Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen
  4. Surface: The Noise She Couldn't Make
  5. Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues Collector's Edition
  6. Eternal Journey: New Atlantis Collector's Edition
  7. Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix Collector's Edition
  8. Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart Collector's Edition
  9. House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster Collector's Edition
  10. Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover™