Nevada Governor Looking for More Interstate Compacts

There's plenty going on in the world of regulated online poker in the US at the moment, and while Federal bills are being prepared to be read that aim to put a stop to regulated online gambling, the other side of the coin sees Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval doing nothing but forging ahead with his plans. After recently penning a deal with Delaware Governor Jack Markell, Governor Sandoval has said that he has been in talks with heads of other states that are showing interest in online poker. He did however stress that it was only online poker and casino games, at present, are not being considered.

Delaware and Nevada are planning to go ahead with their joint venture as early as this summer, and while the addition of New Jersey's large player pool would certainly make a big difference, there has been talks, but nothing close to cementing a deal has been mentioned. Governor Sandoval also had a message for those attending the iGaming North America Conference last week regarding the growing support for a Federal bill that would ban all forms of regulated online gambling and he stated that, "I would question whether federal law could come in and supersede our state's laws." He also spoke about the launch of the Delaware venture to the Las Vegas Review Journal saying that, "I think it's important for them to know that we're capable of doing this, I trust the regulatory process we have. We vetted this with Delaware for several months and we're currently building the platform." So it appears all systems go in the first online poker interstate compact, that is unless South Carolina Senator Lindsey Grahams' bill aiming to stop everything in in tracks get plenty of support. The bill against online gambling would not of course affect the offshore poker rooms that many US players use and companies such as Bovada will still accept US players.