Charity Poker Tournament For Disaster Relief

Microgaming asked poker players to donate money to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

The Microgaming Poker Network which is powered by Microgaming was urging their poker players to help the Haiti earthquake victims by joining their network and donating money for that cause. In January 2010, Microgaming Poker Network hosted a buy-in tournament and charged a entry fee of ten dollars. All these proceeds were donated to the Haitian Health Foundation. The funds were all used to help Haiti in disaster relief efforts. In addition, Microgaming Poker Network matched all funds that were raised.

The 7.0 earthquake that crumbled Haiti struck the island's capital city, Port-au-Prince. The death toll from the earthquake in Port-au-Prince was in the tens of thousands, plus even more injuries and people left homeless. This is why Microgaming Poker Network decided to step up to the plate and do their part.

The Haitian Health Foundation has been committed to helping Haiti, which is the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, long before they became victims of the devastating earthquake. Because they have been helping Haiti for so long Microgaming Poker Network chose them to handle the monetary donations since they would know which would be the best and most efficient ways to handle it. Over 92% of the money that is collected by the Haitian Health Foundation go directly to Haitian efforts. Donations are always accepted by the Haitian Health Foundation at

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