Colt Poker

Colt Poker is a relatively new poker website; however they are an up and coming company that is mainly focused on the poker aspect of online gambling. They do offer other casino products, but they are going for the niche market of online poker mainly. They have a simple and easy to use website layout, making it easy for the new, and old, poker players to find what they are looking for quickly and without hassles. It was founded in 2011 and is based out of Curacao, Dutch Antilles.


Colt Poker uses reputable software that is provided by the Cake Network, in order to make the players feel as if they are actually walking into a real-live casino, pulling up a chair to the poker table and sitting amongst other players. Once a new player signs up, they can download the software, and install it, in order to begin using the Colt Poker services. The great thing about this program is that they allow new players to get used to the system and the gameplay; they have no-money, free to play at tables, which allows new players to become familiar with the ins and outs of the software. Once a player feels comfortable enough to play with real money, it is as easy as funding the account and validating the email address that was used when creating the account. Sadly, the software is only available to be used on the PC, however for the MAC users, there is a guide to how to install and use an emulator in order to download and play Colt Poker; not ideal, but good enough in the meantime, especially when you want to take advantage of the great poker experience there.


The Colt Poker software has an easy to use interface which allows the players to look up and pick which table they want to play at. The list layout is simple, as to not confuse new players, and lets the players know how many people are at a table, the min/max bet, among other information. Once entered into a room, the graphics change drastically. The table is setup in a way to let the player feel like they are in a casino. There is a chat, so players can communicate, and it is watched at closely so that players do not break any rules.


Becoming a new member at Colt Poker is easy, as well as beneficial. For first time members, they are having the First Deposit Bonus, which gives you 200%, maximum amount of $2000. A new player could get up to $2000 dollars to play with, on top of their initial deposit, what part of that does not sound great. On top of getting the first deposit bonus, new members get a $500 new depositor freeroll. A freeroll is a tournament where there is no buy-in or registration fees. A new member can get up to $1100 in free money just to start playing at Colt Poker - which you would be doing anyway thanks to the great games and graphics (for some players at least). Along with these great incentives to sign up, Colt Poker also offers other great promotions, whether they are daily or monthly. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the exiting 10K Guaranteed Leaderboard Russian Roulette promotion!!! All you need is to play in any Russian Roulette ring game or tournament and every dollar played at any of these tables is equivalent to one point on the leaderboard. Every week the top 150 players on the leaderboard will take a cut of $2,500 cash. Colt Poker offers an amazing reward program to their loyal customers. By playing real money games, either ring games or tournaments the player will start building up Frequent Player Points. Every 100 Frequent Player Points turn into Gold Chips that can be used to buy-in to tournaments. The Frequent Player Points also measure your Loyalty Level… this incredible Loyalty program will reward players with cash! Every time you complete a level you will receive cash and the amount increases as soon as you climb up the levels. The Colt Loyalty Program….be part of it!


Whether you are new to poker player or an experienced player, betting at Colt Poker is easy and secure. The layout of the program allows the player to focus on the game, while making betting something as easy, or even easier, than counting chips. Each table has a max/min amount a player can bet (limits), and by using the number keys or the mouse, the player can select the amount they wish to bet. Along with these functions, there are also buttons that make it quick to choose between checking, calling, and folding a hand. Colt Poker offers No-Limit Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo, although Hold'em is by far the favorite.

Customer Service

Colt Poker's customer service is lacking in a few areas, such as a telephone service and an online chat feature. They do excel at using their email service, which they pride themselves on answering any inquiry within 20 minutes by their staff that works 24/7.

Banking Methods

Colt Poker offers a great variety and number of ways a player can deposit funds into their account, anywhere from the old Credit/Debit cards, to using online money transfer sites, such as MoneyBookers. They even have options for depositing funds depending on which country you are located in. The method for withdrawing funds on the other hand is quite limited. They only offer a few sites, such as Neteller and PayDirect, which allow funds to be withdrawn from Colt Poker. Colt Poker does not have any fees associated with depositing/withdrawing, however the method of doing so may incur fees for the player. The preferred deposit method for US players is Visa. This can be Credit Card, Debit Card or even a Gift Card. The only requirements are that the card must be active for international online purchases and the minimum deposit amount is $25. The other two deposit options they offer are Western Union or MoneyGram where you can deposit at any of their locations, online or by just making a call.