No Regulated Online Poker in Florida Just Yet

There will be no regulated online poker in the Sunshine State for the meantime as it was not included in the Florida gaming expansion bill. The details of the proposed expansion bill were released this week and online poker failed to even get a mention and analysts believe that although it's possible that a separate bill may be introduced, or that an amendment could be added while the bill is still in the proposal state, it's highly unlikely.

The bill was focused on other aspects of gaming within Florida, namely the creation of a Florida Gaming Control bill that would oversee all gaming activity within state borders, except that of the state lottery. There is also still the possibility of two large casino resorts being built in the south of the state and for the expansion of slots gambling, however it is still unsure whether the bill will receive enough support, and votes, to be pushed through. The major battles will be fought over the building of the 2 casinos and there's plenty of groups against such expansion, including the action group 'No Casinos', however the louder voice may be that of the Disney Corporation who believe that casinos will spoil the image of the family friendly Orlando area. A spokesperson for Disney has already stated that, "The massive expansion of gambling that would come from legalizing mega-casinos would be a bad bet for Florida's taxpayers, tourism brand and existing businesses." There's a long way to go in all of this, however for online poker players it appears that it's a lost cause. There are however many US online poker rooms that accept residents of Florida with Bovada Poker being one of the very best.