PokerStars in Attempt to Enter California Market

It appears that the world's largest online poker site PokerStars is attempting to enter the US market via California, a state that hasn't even regulated online poker as yet. Having recently signed a deal over in New Jersey it seem that Cali is next on Stars list as the blockers have been well and truly put on them in Nevada due to the bad actor clause there. There's plenty of support for PokerStars in California and Dick Gephardt has been lobbying strongly for them and has been spreading word it appears that Stars have found a partner in the Hawaiian Gardens casino that's located in Southern California.

No Regulation as Yet

There is no regulation as yet in the state and many attempts have been bandied about however the most recent bill, the Pechanga Bill is said to be worthy of at least a look, with many believing it's a strong contender for passing. However the Pechanga Bill also includes a bad actor clause that prohibits any online gaming company doing regulated business in the state that operated in the US after 2006 and the passing of UIGEA. The bill is named after the Tribe of Pechanga and the casino they operate in the state, just outside of San Diego and the bad actor clause in the bill means that it would be extremely hard for Stars to get a hold on that market. Tie this with the Tribes strong resistance to allowing offshore gaming in the state and it seems a very tough task. With no access to Delaware either it's been a bumpy ride for Stars in the US regulated arena, with New Jersey offering the only olive branch.