Everleaf Poker Netowork

The Everleaf Gaming Network has been around for a while now, being established in 2004 it has seen and experienced its share in the online gambling world. There are over 100 different online poker sites that make up the entire poker network; there are 132 poker sites presently. Although they have such a wide variety and selection of poker sites that players can choose from, it still remains as a low traffic network; which has its advantages. Due to several restrictions, the Everleaf Gaming Network does not accept players from the US or France; they do accept players from other countries around the world. They are licensed and regulated through the Malta Lottery and Gaming Authority.

Everleaf Software

The software that the Everleaf network uses was created, developed, and delivered by their software developing firm, Everleaf Gaming Ltd. The software is said to be one of the most secure software's in the online poker market. They use the Quantum Photon Shuffler, which is regarded to be a high quality, hack-proof random shuffling software. Seeing that the target market for the network is worldwide, they have created the software with multiple languages, as to accommodate to most users. They have also made it very easy for their members to use the software. Everleaf's members have two ways that they can use in order to play poker. The first option is to download and install the easy to use software. For those players that do not want to download the software, or are always on different devices can use the Instant Play option. The second option makes use of the Flash plug-in, allowing players to log in and play poker through their internet browser. For those members that use different operating systems or devices will be happy to learn that the Instant Play option is available for the PC, Mac, and even Linux users. Sadly, for the software that is downloadable is only compatible for PC's.

Everleaf Poker Network Traffic and Websites

Although the Everleaf Poker network is made up of over 100 different online poker sites, the network has a relatively low traffic count. At any given time, they can have anywhere between 600 and 800 real money game players, and could peak at around 1,000 players. They do have a daily count of about 1,500 players per day. This low traffic may be seen as a negative, but it also has advantages. Low traffic could also mean an opportunity for those players to play in soft games, and win some money. Along with that, Everleaf is already starting to market itself better and may see a bump up in traffic.

Of the many websites that make up the Everleaf Network, a few stand out more than the others. They have the 777 Poker Club, Minted Poker, and Meteor Poker. These websites are impressive, allowing them to market to different countries, using the native language of each. They are designed to be simple and easy to navigate, this way players can find and access the information they want in a quicker manner. Going along with their marketing ploy, they also have different promotions and bonuses that benefit players from different countries.

Everleaf Poker Netowork Games

The Everleaf Gaming Network enjoys sticking to the most popular variations of poker that are played currently. They offer Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo, and 7 Card Stud. Most of the members that play on this network usually have loose playing style, which is a good thing for those players looking to rake in a lot of cash. They are also known for having a variation of stakes, but are better known for their lower stakes tables. This network is a good place for players to come and learn, as well as take advantage of the big sign up bonuses they are handing out.