Americas Cardroom Launches On Demand Tournaments

Americas Cardroom are no slouch when it comes to offering some of the best online poker promotions for the US poker player, and they do not lag behind in the software and development stakes either. This week, ACR have launched two great features with the launch of On Demand Tournaments and Preferred Seating, further adding to their great poker platform.

On Demand Tournaments are a fantastic cross between sit n go tournaments and multi table tourneys, and here's how. There is a specified number of seats available in the tourney, let's say 50, and as soon as those 50 seats are taken the On Demand Tournament will begin, just like a sit n go. However, unlike a sit n go tournament, late registration then kicks in, allowing more players to join the tourney, thus building the prize pool even more. It's a great offering and means that you just never know how much an on demand tourney will payout until that late registration period is complete.

Preferred seating is a great addition for sit n go players, and it makes your time grinding a little easier. Should you wish, you now have the option to take the preferred seating option, which means that every time you take a seat at a sit n go table you will be taken to your preferred seat. The same seat at every table makes things so much easy when multi tabling, and this really is a good software upgrade. To enable this awesome feature simply go to table options at the top right of the table, and from there simply choose where you wish to sit. Once you hit that apply button you're done and you will have the same seat every time.