Poker is a universal card game Poker is a game of plan and idea. Well execution of ideas helps a player to get success in poker. Players who wish to learn poker can search online. Some of the online websites provide information on poker rules and regulations. These poker websites also allow players to practice games online, without paying any money.

Online poker cannot be called as a poker variant, but it can be defined as a game played on different platform. Online poker is similar to conventional poker. People can play online poker from their home, without moving to any place. In order to play poker online players should have a computer, internet connection, bank roll. Online frauds and scams have increased drastically in recent years, so people should be careful while investing money in an online poker website. People should check genuineness of that website. They should enquire about its previous history, background, security issues and other information before opening an account.

Selection of an online poker room is the tough task. Online poker rooms include independent poker rooms and large online poker networks. Poker rooms belonging to a poker network is called as skin. Most of the players choose rooms where bench strength is high. This policy can go wrong sometimes because bench strength increases competition. Any player, who wishes to play in a poker room, should check statistics of players playing in that room. Statistics show ability and capacity of individual players. Players should select a poker room which has players of same level. License of an online poker casino should be checked before registering in it. Players should see that license is taken from a reputed organization belonging to USA. People should be careful while entering into casinos which have Europe license.