New Jersey Online Gaming Affiliate License

With online gaming about to become a reality in New Jersey, many affiliates may be wondering what’s the deal for them, and it does appear that there are opportunities to promote New Jersey brands and earn affiliate commission for doing so, however, as you would expect, there are a few hurdles to jump in order to do this.

News is, that you will need to become licensed, however you will not need to reside in the state, making it a possibility for all affiliates to get involved. There are four separate forms that you will need to take a look at, and they are forms 30A, 31A, 32A and 36, and all of them are to be found on the website.

Form 30A is the: Instructions For Filing An Application For An Ancillary Casino Service Industry Enterprise License. This is a 4 page document that details how to go about the application process, and here you’ll also find the fees associated with submitting an application. The initial fee is $2,000 however there are additional fees, especially if your application requires a little more time spent on it than is expected.

Form 31A is the: Business Entity Disclosure Form. It’s suggested that you sharpen your pencil for this 28 page document. It contains the legal details and there’s plenty of nice boxes to fill in and places for you to sign. Form 32A is the: Personal History Disclosure Form. A 51 page document that again you will need to examine thoroughly and then provide details of any criminal charges, work history and residential history etc.

Form 36 is the: Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Obligations Form. Simple and clear equal opportunities form, similar to those completed in any business.

So that’s what’s required from you to begin the application process, and at least things are a little clearer now, and it doesn’t seem to be an overly arduous process. As to how many existing affiliates will go for it, or whether the New Jersey side of the industry will lead to a group of new affiliates...who knows. That, to a certain extent will depend on what’s on offer from the brands that are to be promoted, and also whether smaller existing affiliates are willing to pay up for the license fee, and whether or not New Jersey online gambling can provide a revenue stream worthy of those fees. Over to you.