CD Poker Certainly Sounds Good

CD Poker is available through the iPoker network and is one of their most popular rooms available online. They offer the chance to play against casino players as well as the casual gamer and are stacked to the hilt with excellent promotions and with a strong following for their sit and go tournaments along with large jackpots with a better than average rake than most online poker sites you can be assured of a good chance to make a quid.

What CD Poker does specialize in are the sit and go games where players can just find a table and enter one of their many tournaments along with the chance to try their hand at other casino games you are not just confined to the poker tables if you fancy a change. CD Poker has a huge array of competitions in the online poker community which also include the well known Limitless Jackpot games so there is plenty of games for the pro and casual player to get their teeth into.

The software that CD Poker uses is the simple iPoker engine which gives gamers a clear and clean delivery of good quality graphics along with a smart interface designed to allow even a novice to simply install and start playing to win their fortune. The playability from the earlier versions of the software had issues but it seems that CD Poker has ironed out all the creases and the software runs quite smoothly.

As you would expect from an online poker site there are many variations of the beautiful game on offer and CD Poker is no different with a large choice for people to get their teeth into whether they are a seasoned pro or a complete novice. The games on offer are the best that the game has to offer and they are a full range of multi table tournaments as well as their extensive range of sit and go tournaments with the types of poker on offer being Five card draw , Omaha Hi Lo , Omaha and of course the hugely popular Texas Hold Em.

CD Poker provides you with plenty of tournaments as well as free rolls that are all good value for money so you can really compete against some of the best players out there. With CD Poker utilizing the iPoker network for traffic they have a very good volume of players available any time of the day or night with an average of around ten thousand players for their normal ring games and around fifty five thousand players for the their tournaments at peak hours so there is a large volume of traffic.

In short CD Poker gives gamers a good gaming experience that provides you with simple yet effective software that delivers a good starting block to the game of poker and seeing as though the software is updated quite often to keep up with the demands of today’s players you can be sure CD Poker will deliver the goods for years to come.