Online Poker - Play wherever you want!!

Are you bored or you just want to relax after a stressful meeting then you can relax yourself and have fun without leaving your room. All you need is your computer and with a click of a key you can log on to many online poker sites where you can play poker online.

About a decade ago, nobody thought that the game played only in casino or at home will become the most popular online game. Online Poker started somewhere in 1999, but it was limited to few people and was played in chat rooms with nothing fancy like today. The real advancement in game began when the first poker room Planet Poker came online. The next one to become popular was Party Poker. Com. Soon Wall Street and London Stock Exchange started getting attracted to the online boom of poker. The real explosion came when the poker came on TV and camera that provided glimpse of the player cards made it possible for the people at home to learn the tricks and handling of cards from the experts. As these sites started minting money, many other sites jumped into the field.

In order to get started, you need to log on to the website of poker and download the program. You can choose from a large variety of online poker sites. There is an entry fee that can be deposited through credit card. You can check out what games are available. Choose the one you like the best. Some sites also provide the free tour of their site and also guidance for choosing the game and how to play the game if you are an amateur. There is a wide variety of poker games with different rules such as you can play game with limit or no limit, then you can play ring game or a tournament.

There are many benefits of playing poker online .If you are amateur you can get the experience of playing without pitching in money as many sites offer play money too. Also you save money for traveling to the casino and can enjoy the luxury of home. When playing online poker you save money which is usually given to dealer when a hand is won, also at casino you have to pay the tip to the server which you can save while playing online game.

The online poker sites earn money by taking entry fee as well as by taking rakes which is the money taken by the card room from the pot. In order to attract players every room offers some bonus to its players. To avail the bonus players are required to play a fixed number of raked hands. The bonus varies from 20% to 100% at different sites. So, before paying entry fee make sure that you read the details carefully so that you can avail the bonuses offered by the site.