Facebook Plays the Game for Real

Facebook Launches Real Money App!

Facebook, simply the biggest and by far the most widely used social network site has done what many observers thought inevitable by launching a real money game application. For users over the age of 18 and are UK residents they have teamed up with well known gaming software developer Gamesys and created a real money Bingo app as part of the Jackpot Joy series. So, it's out with the credits and in with the real money. Although Facebook itself is not directly involved in the development or the management of the application it is clear that this is only the beginning and other games for real cash will soon be on offer in the territories that provide a safe and regulated playing environment. The details of the finances are of course strictly confidential, but the credit system worked on a 70/30 split. An issue that has already arisen is the that under 18 Facebook users will be seeing advertisements for real money games, however this in many peoples opinions has been quashed with Facebook saying that ad's and activity will not appear on the timelines of under 18 users and that they are far more likely to see an ad for real money bingo on TV or on their walk to school. It is some way off until we will see Facebook real money apps for U.S users as regulation is, as all of you know, very strict indeed, but at least there is movement on that. So what does this mean for the online poker player?

Facebook Poker Anyone?

Now that the real money ball is rolling on the social media giant that is Facebook, what does this really mean for poker players around the world. The easy answer to that is, not a lot. It will happen in time, of course and the bingo, many believe is the two companies dipping their toes in the water and checking out the viability with real money apps. The problem here is that Facebook users are so used to having everything for free that many millions of us out there are content to play with credits. On top of that, why would someone use a Facebook app when there are so many good sites out there for this target audience, i.e UK users over 18 only. The same issues will apply to poker rooms/apps. There are some great rooms out there, most if not all offering free rolls with great technology behind them where you can free roll to win real cash etc. It will be interesting to see how this test goes and whether or not Facebook will be swamped with real money apps or they decide it's not the road they want to take.