Kevin Saul Wins WSOP Circuit Foxwoods Main Event

Kevin Saul, the 32 year old from Illinois took the WSOP Circuit Foxwood main event, the championship ring and a cool $194,178 when he beat a tricky field to come home on first place. Saul is no stranger to winning and after starting his poker career online, earning millions of dollars, he took his skills to the live scene and has clocked up over $2.3 million in winnings so far. He has a good World Series of Poker record too, with 11 cashes including a commendable 216th place in the 2011 Main Event. He has never however had a deep run in a circuit event, and something that has always eluded him is a circuit gold ring but that has now all changed, and this year he was determined to not only win the ring but also qualify for the WSOP National Championships. He did both in style, here's how it finished and then how it all panned out....

  1. Kevin Saul $194,178
  2. Lall Bharat $119,742
  3. Cory Waaland $87,842
  4. Paul Snead $65,096
  5. Ben Reason $49,007
  6. Bobby Corcione $37,356
  7. Ethan Foulkes $28,662
  8. Pete Campo - $22,654
  9. Stephen Dare - $18,031

At the end of day 2 it could have gone all very wrong for Saul who lost a big pot in almost the last hand of the day to Ben Reason, however bright and fresh on the final day he put it all behind him. He started well and chipped up pretty early on, at one point taking the lead. he played aggressively throughout the early stages and continued his dominance and he took out Paul Snead winning a monster pot to leave just three players remaining. Next up was Waaland whose pockets 6's were no match for the A-K of Saul and we were into heads up play. It took 30 minutes for Saul to finish the job and straight after the win his many friends and family who were at Foxwood ran to congratulate him, his twitter account went through the roof and photographers wanted to capture the moment. However, the only thing Saul wanted to do was call his father and tell him of the win.