John Bowman Wins WSOP Circuit Harrah's Cherokee Main Event

John Bowman Wins WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee Main Event

With all the news coming out of Australia and the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific, let’s not forget that the WSOP circuit rolls on and the latest Main Event gold ring winner is John Bowman. This was the first ever circuit event at Cherokee and the player from North Carolina didn’t let his fans down, taking home the ring and a staggering first place cash prize of $250,380. Let’s also not forget the seat in the WSOP National Championship too. From a field of 856 players, only 11 players made it through to the final days play with Hugh Henderson bringing a monstrous chip lead to the tables. It didn’t take long at all for the two short stacked players to be eliminated and the final table was ready to go. Jerry Monroe was another player with little to lose and he found himself heading for the rails in 9th place to be followed by Jonathan Moseley in 8th position. Henderson, having come to the final table in the lead ended up having a terrible day with little to nothing going for him and he eventually left in 7th place when beaten by Daniel Weinman. It was again Weinman who did the initial damage then leaving it to Kilpatrick to knock out Kinney. Weaver then took out 2 players in big pre-flop battles and both Zinaty and Kilpatrick had to go, leaving us with just 3 players. Although Weaver had a great day, his time ran out and he went in 3rd place taking us to heads up play between Bowman and Weinman with Bowman holding a huge chip advantage. After a short period of chipping away at Weinman’s stack it wasn;t too long before the call was made and the last of Weinman’s chips went when his K,Q got beat by Bowman’s A, 3. It was a great event and for sure one that Bowman will remember for the rest of his life. With a wonderful crowd and atmosphere a great time was had by all. Here are the final standings and of course the winnings for the final table......

  1. John Bowman$250,380
  2. Daniel Weinman $154,722
  3. Raymond Weaver $113,964
  4. Kory Kilpatrick $85,052
  5. George Zinaty $64,303
  6. James Kinney $49,241
  7. Hugh Henderson$38,186
  8. Jonathan Moseley$29,981
  9. Jerry Monroe $23,831