Lock Poker Payouts Speed Up

We reported a short while ago that Lock Poker was experiencing a few issues with support and payouts and the fact that these issues were dealt with by the growing online poker room. Lately there have been issues surrounding delayed payouts and Lock has pointed at processing issues as the problem. Understandably when any room has issues regarding players finances the news doesn't take long to get to the forums and this was the case again here. However, it's good to see that again these concerns have been addressed and that payout processing had been accelerated. Respected CEO of Lock Poker Jennifer Larson stated that, “The E-comm team works constantly to find new, reputable payment processors to provide secure, fast options to our players,” and that “Our number one priority right now is reducing payout times over the next few weeks”. Players will be somewhat relieved to hear that news and many players have in fact began receiving funds.

Most poker players understand that occasionally payouts are affected by changes in processing, however it is extremely rare that the funds do not arrive and most brush these delays aside as part and parcel of playing online poker. There has been plenty of reassurance from Lock Poker that all funds will be sent and this is not doubted in any corner. Lock Poker continues to grow and provides a good service to US based players and issues do get solved, and just as importantly they are always forthcoming with statements regarding current issues as well as being active on the main poker forums.