The New Sit and Crush as Americas Cardroom

For a while now cash game players at Americas Cardroom have been offered to enjoy the Beast, the progressive points race that pays out thousands of bucks twice monthly. It’s enjoyed by many ACR players and they thought that it was about time something similar was designed for the many sit n go players that hit the felt at Americas Cardroom, and those sit n go grinders out there will be glad they did, as they've developed The Sit and Go Crush. The Sit and Go Crush is not a one off monthly promotion, it is an ongoing deal that will reward you for your sit n go play at Americas Cardroom, and what’s more is that it costs you absolutely don’t get better than that.

Boost Your Bankroll with the Sit and Go Crush

All sit n go players know the value of a little extra cash and that little bit on the side can make a whole lot of difference when building a sit n go bankroll. To take part you will need to sit down and play your game at the Americas Cardroom Sit and Go or the On Demand tourneys and when you do you will accumulate points, regardless of where you finish in the tournament, as this promotion is designed to reward the players that simply play more sit n go’s. You pay exactly the same as you normally would to enter the sit n go tournament, and the prize pool is fuelled from the tournament fee, not the buy in’s an example. Let’s say there’s a $10 + $1 sit n go tourney. The $10 goes to the prize pool as normal, however the fee of $1 is split and ACR take only $0.75 with the other $0.25 going to the Sit and Go Crush prize pool. As you can imagine, with the amount of players getting in on the sit n go action at ACR, that pool can build up very quickly and of course, the more points you score the more hard cash you will receive.

There is no limit as to how big the prize pool can grow and therefore the payouts in this ongoing promotion have the potential to be simply huge. Also, the bigger that the prize pool gets, the more players get paid and the great thing is, this will never cost you a penny and the leaderboard resets every month. It’s time you started playing your sit n go’s at Americas Cardroom.