Absolute Poker Payments Are Better Late Than Never

Former Absolute Poker players have at last received some good news from the US Department of Justice and in what will be a similar procedure to what Full Tilt players went through....they'll be getting their cash back. There are a potential 1.2 million players that are owed their Absolute Poker balance and it's the Garden City Group that will again be taking care of the reimbursements, with a dedicated website (www.absolutepokerclaims.com) having been set up to facilitate the payments and to keep players informed.

The official site for the claimants has plenty of information about how the money will be returned, as well as how the payments to players will be calculated and if you're a former AP player who believes they should be receiving something then you'll want to check it out. June 9th is the deadline of petition for remission and the site will be updated as and when new information becomes available.

The site does state that if the funds are available for every player who has contacted them then full amounts will be returned, however if there's a lack of funds then a pro rata system will be put in place. If you believe that you have a claim then now is the time to get it into the system and after having taken a look for ourselves we can tell you that you will need to have what's called a petition number that you should have received from the Claims Administrator via email.

Black Friday seems like a long time ago, and that's because it is, however it does seem that in this particular instance...good things do indeed come to those who wait.