Bovada Withdrawal Options

Bovada is home to a huge number of US online poker, slots and casino games players as well as heaps of online sports bettors and while making your deposits with Visa, MasterCard or Bitcoin is all so simple, what about when it comes to requesting your payouts? Players have many questions when it comes to requesting payouts and collecting their winnings and Bovada is no slouch when getting those winnings to players and you will find plenty of info in the Bovada FAQ section, however here we'll provide you with what you need to know too.

Once you've made your deposit, played and scored big then you'll want a payout, and one initial question may be, what is the maximum Bovada withdrawal amount? Well that depends however if you're using the cashier's cheque option then it's $3,000 however you will receive multiple cheques if your payout is over that amount. Another frequently asked question is how long does it take to receive my Bovada payout, and again that depends, with a cheque taking up to 10 working days to be processed however there is a better option, that of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Bovada payouts are with you so much faster than a cheque ever could be with BTC payouts being processed the same day that the request was made, and when taking the BTC option there's no limit on the amount you may withdraw. When using the cheque option then you'll need to hold fire until it's delivered while Bitcoin flies through the ether and is with you so much faster, and it's now the option that so many players use, allowing for instant deposits and the fastest casino and poker payouts online, and when making your Bovada Bitcoin deposits, you'll be getting terrific bonuses and player rewards, just like when using more traditional options.