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The US friendly online poker room of Ignition Poker has surprised many regular players by giving notice of a rather large rake increase, however it does only affect cash games tables and those that enjoy Ignition tournaments will not be affected in anyway. At the real money ring game tables rake will now be taken more frequently but in lower increments, which means although rake will still be taken at the 5% mark, it's taken more often.

As an example using the Ignition poker heads up tables, rake was taken at $0.05 each $1.00 and a pot that reached $0.90 would not be raked, however not that pot will be raked at $0.04 and larger pots that reach $15 will now be raked at $0.75 instead of the old $0.50 due to an increased cap. While these changes may not seem that big, they will affect regular players, especially the daily grinders.

It's unclear why Ignition had made the changes however there's a very good chance it has been done quite simply to improve the bottom line in what is a rather stagnant environment. US online poker isn't growing anywhere near the rate it once was and with increasing operational costs, they have to make their money somewhere.

The full details of the new ignition rake schedule are on the Ignition site and it brings them more in line with the Winning Poker Network, and players comments on social media seem to reflect that. No Limit Texas Hold'em players are affected the most and it may be worth you checking out the new schedule if you're a cash game player at Ignition, however tournament and sit n go players will find it's business as usual with no changes in fees.