Ignition Poker Rake

The US friendly online poker room of Ignition Poker has surprised many regular players by giving notice of a rather large rake increase, however it does only affect cash games tables and those that enjoy Ignition tournaments will not be affected in anyway. At the real money ring game tables rake will now be taken more frequently but in lower increments, which means although rake will still be taken at the 5% mark, it's taken more often.

As an example using the Ignition poker heads up tables, rake was taken at $0.05 each $1.00 and a pot that reached $0.90 would not be raked, however not that pot will be raked at $0.04 and larger pots that reach $15 will now be raked at $0.75 instead of the old $0.50 due to an increased cap. While these changes may not seem that big, they will affect regular players, especially the daily grinders.

It's unclear why Ignition had made the changes however there's a very good chance it has been done quite simply to improve the bottom line in what is a rather stagnant environment. US online poker isn't growing anywhere near the rate it once was and with increasing operational costs, they have to make their money somewhere.

The full details of the new ignition rake schedule are on the Ignition site and it brings them more in line with the Winning Poker Network, and players comments on social media seem to reflect that. No Limit Texas Hold'em players are affected the most and it may be worth you checking out the new schedule if you're a cash game player at Ignition, however tournament and sit n go players will find it's business as usual with no changes in fees.

Comparing online cash games vs poker tournaments

Cash games are ones that are played as one-off games. These are the best way to get started with online poker. Poker tournaments involve a specific type of poker and can take longer to complete. Another difference is that cash games allow players to pay money to the site to get chips in return. There is often a minimum buy-in for each game, while some have maximums as well. This means different players will likely start the game with different quantities of chips to play with.

Tournaments require all players to buy into the game for a fixed amount. Everyone starts with an identical quantity of chips, ensuring the playing field is level at the start of the event.

Find out how to play online poker tournaments

Firstly, it's a good idea to choose a tournament with a schedule that fits with your schedule. There's no point entering one if you won't have the time to participate. Secondly, read all the rules of the event. They are not all identical. You can see whether the event requires real money play or whether it uses free coins or credits. Some of those events still have real money prizes to be won, so they are still exciting to play.

Finally, make sure you understand the poker game being used for that tournament. There are several different kinds - Omaha, Texas Hold 'Em, and Omaha Hi-Lo, for example. Choose one you are familiar with and make sure you feel knowledgeable enough to take part.

Introducing online poker tournaments at Ignition Poker

If there is one thing Ignition Poker does well, it is laying on all kinds of poker tournaments. When you download their poker software and sign up for an account, you'll get access to all the current tournaments (and upcoming ones too). You can see what the entry fee is for each one, and what the buy-in is too. Some don't have either of those, qualifying as freerolls. These give you the best place to start if you're new.

Keep abreast of the Ignition Poker tournament schedule

This is easy to do once you are part of the site as a member. The software tells you exactly which tournaments are taking place and when to expect them. You can then plan to be sure you don't miss the most appealing tournaments.

Do we have any tips for online poker tournaments?

Prepare as much as possible by gaining experience playing online tournaments. Even if you have played regular tournaments offline before, you will find the online experience very different. You're sitting alone in the comfort of your home, 'facing' other players on your computer. It's essential that you are not disturbed, so you can focus on the situation at hand.

We'd suggest choosing either a free-to-enter tournament or one with a low buy-in to start. Make sure the tournament is focusing on your favorite type of poker too, as you'll have more knowledge and experience to work with. We do not have room here to provide step-by-step guides on every form of poker in a slew of tournaments, but we can tell you there are strategies for all available games. Do some research prior to play and you'll see what the opportunities are.

Could you use a basic poker tournament strategy?

Preparation is key. If you can watch progress in one or more tourneys before you take part, do so. This is a new world and one you may be unfamiliar with. It seems all the pros have their own strategies for doing well in a poker tournament. Our best advice to start with would be to choose an event that uses your favorite poker game. Pick the one you love most and have the most experience of playing.

We would also suggest choosing an event with low wagers in place. You don't want your first experience to be an expensive one. See it as a learning curve. Take your time when making bets and deciding what to do next.

Know your chips, too. That sounds like an odd thing to say, but if you run out, you're out of the event. The idea is to remain in play for as long as possible, so always select your bets with that in mind.

Does Ignition Poker have rakeback?

Yes, this does form part of the offering.

Can US players play on Ignition Poker?

Yes, many US players do participate in poker games on the site. This is because the site is registered in Costa Rica and is therefore not covered by US law. The country is strict about online gambling, but mostly it would not target players anyway. There are some exceptions though, as the states of Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland continually pop up as being prohibited at this and other online casinos and poker sites.

What network is Ignition Poker on?

Ignition Poker is part of the Bodog network of sites.

How does Ignition Poker bonus work?

There is a welcome bonus waiting for you when you sign up to use Ignition Poker. You can claim a 100% bonus of up to $1,000 when depositing for the first time. This is increased by 25% when depositing using Bitcoin.

You must start playing and earning Ignition Miles to get your bonus. This occurs in $5 amounts. Earn 150 miles and $5 in bonus funds drops into your account. This continues as you play. It's different to how things work if you are more used to claiming casino bonuses, but it still plays out nicely.

What are Poker Points at Ignition Poker?

Poker points are earned by players participating in real poker games using cash bets. This could mean a regular game or a game that forms part of a tournament. For every dollar you spend, you'll get three points.

You also receive points for contributing to the rake. Obviously, you'll get more the higher your contribution is, with one point earned for a rake of between one and three dollars. However, partial points can be earned for smaller wagers.

Is Ignition Poker legal in the US?

Ignition Poker is registered in Costa Rica rather than the US. Most people consider that America-based players can use the site because laws in the country tend to be aimed at the sites rather than the players using them. Since it is legal in Costa Rica, the US government has no reason to go after it since it is not within its jurisdiction. Of course, state laws vary, so there could conceivably be a situation where a player could be targeted, but this is very unlikely. We did spot several sites that stated players in Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada could not sign up.

Is Ignition Poker legal in Australia?

Yes, you can happily play poker at this site if you live in Australia.

Is Ignition Poker legal in Florida?

Have you ever seen poker or casino sites that are legal throughout the US… except in one or more specific states? That can be frustrating if you happen to live in the prohibited areas.

Floridian laws are stricter than those we have seen in some other locations. That said, if a poker site is legitimate and legal, you can use it. Poker seems to be one of the few games you can legally play there. However, there is some uncertainty over the situation in Florida, so we cannot provide a 100% firm answer to this. By the time you read it, things could have changed. Always check the current legal situation - and choose your site carefully.

Is Bovada and Ignition the same site or are they independent?

They are independent sites, but they do use the same platform for their games. That means you'll see some similarities between them, even though you'd need to sign up independently to each site.

Is America's Card Room legit to check out and play at?

Yes - this is one of the most popular sites around and it has been around for quite some time too. When a site boasts a history of over a decade, you know you are in good hands.

How do you get Poker Points on Bovada?

If you are keen to play at Bovada rather than heading for Ignition, you may want to know more about any potential perks of doing so.

Is Ignition Poker legal in California?

The law may be complex regarding online gambling, but there are no current laws at state level (or Federal level) that make it illegal for Californian residents to enjoy a game of online poker.

Does Ignition Poker have bots?

Go online and plenty of people are asking this question. A bot is a computer program that is used to play against legitimate players taking part in the game. If bots were used at the poker site, no one would ever get any prizes. That isn't the case, as we've heard of plenty of winning players. Of course, no one wins all the time, and we suspect bots are the natural things to blame when someone is on a losing streak. Ignition is popular among online poker players and is a leading site.

Is online poker legal?

You can probably tell by now that it is legal to play online poker… although it can depend on where you live. The laws regarding online gambling of any kind vary from one country to another. Even in the same country, such as the US for example, laws can vary between states. You could find one state allows it and the neighboring one does not. The best rule - the only one to follow - is to look up the laws in your country, region, and jurisdiction and be aware of them.

These can change, too, so it is something you should always keep an eye on. We've even seen some sites that previously allowed players in certain places to put a bar on them because of changes in the law. It's rare but it can happen.