1 Hand Joker Poker at Cafe Casino

There are few online games that can offer you the same odds that video poker offers. That's because payouts are higher and more regular with video poker, when you understand how to play for optimal strategy. If you're a serious gambler, looking to win as much as possible, video poker is the way to go. Café has an interesting variant of video poker known as One Hand Joker Poker that's a lot of fun to play. It offers some unique challenges and gives players something to look forward to as they go through one round after the next of this poker game.

How is it Different?

This variant of video poker is slightly different than other options because all the joker cards are wild when they show up on the reels. This gives you more options to work with and will help you win more effectively. The game is locked to a single hand at a time, which makes it easier to think more strategically as you play.

Getting Started with the Game

To begin play in One Handed Joker Poker, place your wager. After getting the wager amount set and choosing the total number of coins that you want to bet, you simply spin the reels and hope for a good card combination. Hold cards after your initial spin and spin the remaining reels again to try and achieve a winning combination. If you do win you can try and double up your winnings, but if not you can spin again.

Wagering Options

While playing this video poker game you are free to wager between $0.05 and $5.00 per coin with up to five coins in play for each round that you go through of this poker game. That means you can effectively wager between $0.05 and $25.00 per round. If you're a high roller you'll want to wager as much as possible, but if you're a low-stakes gambler you should still be able to afford this game without spending too much to play.

Double or Nothing

You can wager on any of the winning hands that you achieve in One Hand Joker Poker to try and double up your winnings. To do this you simply click Double or Nothing and then try and get a card that's higher than the dealer's face up card. You have a total of four cards to choose from, so choose with care and hope for the best.

One Hand Joker Poker isn't the only variant of video poker offered by Café Casino, but it's a highly strategic and enjoyable option worth considering. It can be played by gamblers of all budget levels, and is a good way to get started with video poker.