BetOnline Poker Player Triggers $1 Million Bad Beat Jackpot

It seemed like the days of $1 million bad beat jackpots were behind online poker. But a poker player at BetOnline recently proved otherwise by triggering a bad beat jackpot worth nearly $1 million.

Six people were playing at a $1-$2 NL Texas hold'em table when the jackpot occurred. The preflop action started with "Tyrant" raising to $5, "pokerplayer4ever" raising to $18, and Tyrant calling $13. Everybody else who was dealt into the hand folded.

The flop came out 8d-9d-Jd. Tyrant checked, Pokerplayer4ever bet $10.17, and Tyrant called.

The turn was 4d. Both players checked.

The river was Jh. Tyrant checked, pokerplayer4ever went all-in ($179.22), and Tyrant called with his remaining $171.83.

Pokerplayer4ever flipped over Q-10d for a straight flush. They won the hand and earned $399.50 from the main pot. Tyrant showed Js-Jc for quad jacks.

Losing with quad jacks qualifies for BetOnline's bad beat jackpot, which was worth $994,119 at the time. Tyrant earned the largest portion at $273,382 for losing the hand. Pokerplayer4ever got the second-largest piece at $149,108 for winning. "matter1734" and "shara02" both collected $74,509 just for being dealt into the hand.

More on BetOnline and their Bad Beat Jackpot

BetOnline has become one of the premier online poker sites for American and Canadian players. They've steadily grown in popularity thanks to their "focus on the player" philosophy, which means offering promotions, tournaments, and games that take player suggestions into account.

The bad beat jackpot is one piece of this philosophy, and it's very popular among players. Case in point, BetOnline just paid out a bad beat prize worth almost $1 million.

One other reason why people like BetOnline is because they're an all-encompassing gaming site. Not only can you enjoy online poker here, but also casino games and sports betting. The latter is what BetOnline made their mark with. However, they're also a very good poker site too.