Bovada Casino Leaderboards

Playing slots is a lot of fun, but over time slot games can become a bit dull and repetitive. That's why it's so helpful to have many different slot games to switch between. For another twist on the traditional slot game, you can also enter yourself into a slot tournament. These tournaments give you different competitive goals to meet while you play the slot game that's linked to that tournament or competition. Do better than the other players involved in it and you'll come away with an added prize payout. That's a feature offered at Bovada and it's just another reason to consider becoming a member of the site. As a member of the casino you can work towards being the leader of those contests and coming away with the very best payouts that you can.

Getting Started with a Contest

The first step to taking part in any of the different contests offered at Bovada, is to sign up to a specific leaderboard that you want to try and win. Once you are a member of a leaderboard, click the launch button to load up the game and to start playing it. This will bring you to the slot game that's connected to that specific contest, and make sure that the spins you are making are counted toward the contest. From there you just have to play the slot game and get to the minimum required number of spins to be able to take part in the contest. It's simple to do and you'll love how quickly you can load up the contest-connected slot game and begin playing.

Meeting Minimum Spin Conditions

For some competitions there's a minimum number of spins that you must complete in order to qualify for the competition. For many competitions that's 200 spins. If you go through the necessary 200 spins you can start working your way up the leaderboard and hopefully become one of the top players. Without those spins you can't win a prize, even if you are doing better than the other players involved in a contest.

Keep Track of Your Rankings

There's a special rankings tool that makes it easy to track your slot rank as you play your game of choice and try to get to the top of the leaderboards. Simply open up the tool periodically and you can see what part of the leaderboard you are on at the time. Fight your way to the top of the board and then hold your place there to unlock those top paying prizes that only the top players have access to.

Win Prizes

By taking part in some of the regular slot competitions you can unlock lucrative prizes as a top ranking player in the competition. It's possible to win hundreds of dollars or even more in prize money in addition to any money that you win from the slot game itself. If you have a good enough streak on a particular slot game you could come away with some pretty impressive wins and then get rewarded with prize money on top of that in the end. Competitions are fun to take part in, and they only make your wins sweeter after they occur. Be sure that you check what prizes are being offered for each contest that you're interested in before you get started with the game.

If you're tired of standard slot games, or you just want a chance for added prize winnings on top of your normal earnings from a slot game, give one of Bovada's slot contests a try. You can win some really good prizes while enjoying the slot games that you were planning on playing anyway.