Best Poker Apps

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Regardless of how you want to play poker, you cannot deny there are way more opportunities to get into the game online now than ever before. While there are tons of websites offering poker (some as part of a bigger casino and some as pure poker sites), lots of players are trying their hand at using a poker app.

We thought we'd save you some time by reviewing our choice of the best poker apps around. Do you agree with our choices or is there another app you'd rather use?

Bravo Poker Live

This is one app you cannot do without if you love poker. You'll be familiar with it if you are a member of one or more American poker rooms, as it is used in lots of them. There is a ton of info packed into the app too, and while that might make some apps more confusing, this one manages to get the job done and make life easier for you too.

World Series of Poker

Commonly known as WSOP, it may not be the easiest acronym to pronounce, but it is surely one of the best to look at. You get to see the poker table and all the players sitting around it too. It's possible to use either an avatar or an image of yourself as you play. There are free chips on offer and the app itself is a delight to use.

Zynga Poker

Ever heard of Zynga? We bet you have. Not everyone who loves poker is willing to part with real cash to give it a try. If you are content to play using virtual credits that cannot be cashed in or 'won' for real, Zynga is one of the most popular apps to use. You can get the app on iPad, iPhone, and Android, along with playing via Facebook. That just about keeps everyone happy.


This is worth mentioning for all those poker players in North America. While the coverage is limited, players in that region can appreciate the tournament schedules and detailed information presented on each event in the region. Finding the best forthcoming poker tournaments near you is easy when you've got the mileage given next to each event - not to mention a map to check out as well.

Poker Odds Calculator

For something different, let's check out an app that calculates the percentages of a winning hand for you. It works with Texas Hold 'Em poker hands, along with those obtained during Omaha or the Omaha Hi-Lo variations. Input the cards you have, and the app works out the winning percentage likelihood, giving you the chance of losing too. If there is any chance of a tie, this is also shown on the screen. The design is nice and clear, giving you all possible hands for the outcome, and displaying the cards clearly on a green baize background.

Appeak Poker

If you like the idea of viewing the table with the players sitting around it, Appeak Poker is another good option to think about. Ideal for those who hate the complex screens and imagery used in certain other apps, Appeak is refreshingly different. Quick to load and get underway, you've got various options when it comes to choosing how to play.